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Four Day Snowmobiling Itinerary

Four Days, Three Nights of Snowy Fun

The Porcupine Mountains area is the Upper Peninsula’s best destination for a snowmobiling getaway.

If you’re a snowmobiler looking for a great winter getaway, look no further than the Porcupine Mountains. Heavy snowfall and thousands of miles of trails attract snowmobilers to the Porcupine Mountains and the surrounding area. You’ll find a number of lodging, dining, retail and refueling options in the Porcupine Mountains—everything you need for a great getaway.

For a couple, the estimated cost for this trip would range from $450 to $650. For a family of four, the estimated cost would be $650 to $800. Reasonable cottages, cabins and motels and affordable restaurants and attractions make the Porcupine Mountains an excellent travel destination. Here’s what a four-day, three-night snowmobiling trip might look like.

Day 1: Arrive in the Porcupine Mountains

Late-Afternoon – Arrive and check in at your motel, cottage, cabin or resort.

You’ll find great lodging options throughout the Porcupine Mountains area. Three communities offer a variety of lodging options to fit any travel budget:


Silver City:

White Pine:

Evening – Head to dinner at one Porcupine Mountains’ great restaurants.
 View a complete list of dining options.

Day 2: Trip to Houghton

Enjoy a classic breakfast at one of several great restaurants.

Morning Ride.
Your trip begins in Silver City. The first leg of the journey will be along Route #1. Take Route #1 south to Route #8 and head eastward and continue on Route #13. Near Greenland, take Route Route #3 to Twin Lakes State Park.

Lunch Break.
Stop near Twin Lakes State Park and grab a bite to eat.

Afternoon Ride.
After lunch, head northeast to Houghton along Route #3. An optional side trip would be short northward loop. Take Route #120 to #121 and back to Route #3.

Enjoy dinner in Houghton.

After dinner, head back south along Route #3. Near Twin Lakes State Park, take Route #13. In Greenland, take Route #12 through Ontonagon and back to Route #1, then north to Silver City.

Keep your eyes peeled during the ride—you might catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.  Winter can be an outstanding time of the year for observing this breathtaking phenomenon.

Day 3: Trip to Iron River

Fuel up your body and your machine for the day ahead.

Morning Ride.
From Ontonagon, ride south on Route #12, then south on Route #1. Then, head west on Route #8 to Route #11 to Wakefield.

Lunch Break.
Enjoy lunch and warm up in Wakefield.

Afternoon Ride.
From Wakefield, head west on Route #11 to Route #2. Take Route #2 into Ironwood. Turn around and retrace your steps through Wakefield and then head southeast on Route #2, all the way to Watersmeet.

Have a hearty meal in Watersmeet.

From Watersmeet, continue on Route #2 to Route #3. Take Route #3 back to Route #8. Then take Route #8 west to Route #1 to Route #12 to Ontonagon under an Upper Peninsula sky filled with stars.

Day 4: Head home