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Learn about Porcupine Mountains facts and fables

Myth: The Porcupine Mountains are crawling with porcupines.

Fact: While we do have some porcupines, the area takes its name from the fact that the tree-covered mountaintops have a silhouette similar to that of a quill-covered porcupine.

Myth: The stars shine brighter in the Porcupine Mountains because it’s closer to the North Pole.

Fact: The stars do shine brighter in the Porcupine Mountains, but it’s because there are no streetlights or other urban light sources to spoil the night sky. There’s no better place to go stargazing than the Porcupine Mountains.

Myth: There’s no such thing as Northern Lights.

Fact: The Northern Lights are very real, and the Porcupine Mountains area is the ideal place to view them. Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights appear intermittently throughout the year. Some nights, the Northern Lights create a veritable lightshow. Other nights, the Northern Lights are faint or even imperceptible.

Myth: It will only take a day or two to see the Porcupine Mountains.

Fact: The Porcupine Mountains offer so much scenic variety and so many recreational options that it takes at least four days to even get a taste of what the Porcupine Mountains are all about. Plus, everyone needs four days at minimum to unwind from their hectic everyday life and to relax enough to really appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of the Porcupine Mountains. But no matter how long you spend in the Porcupine Mountains, one thing is for sure—you’re going to want to come back!

Myth: The locals speak a special form of the English language known as “Yooper.”

Fact: Although some visitors occasionally mention that we have a slight accent, we think that everyone else in America talks funny.

Myth: Traveling to the Porcupine Mountains is like going back in time.

Fact: Though the Porcupine Mountains are ancient and the area boasts some of the oldest forests in North America, we have all the modern conveniences. However, the border between the Central Time Zone and the Eastern Time Zone runs through the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park—so, if you travel westward, you could in fact say that you are stepping back in time.

Submitted by Val Guzman

Submitted by Val Guzman

Myth: Cell phones don’t work in the Porcupine Mountains.

Fact: Actually, cell phones work quite well in most places in the Porcupine Mountains, although you will find that reception is lower in some parts of this wilderness area. In terms of technology, most lodging properties offer free wireless Internet. But, if you really want to get away from it all, tell folks back at home that you won’t be getting cell phone reception while you’re on vacation—then turn your phone off and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Porcupine Mountains.